Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, Vol 12, No 1 (2016)

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Retrieving and Projecting the Transcendent Function with Complexes and the Rosarium Philosophorum

Matthew Gildersleeve


The purpose of this article is to retrieve the work presented in (Gildersleeve, 2015a and Gildersleeve, 2015b) on the transcendent function and complexes as well as an ontological interpretation of Jung’s work on the Rosarium Philosophorum (Gildersleeve, 2015c) to project a new meaning of the phenomenology and ontology of the transcendent function. This article enables complexes and the Rosarium Philosophorum to be understood in connection to the ontology of the transcendent function that was presented in (Gildersleeve, 2015a). This article can hermeneutically retrieve the transcendent function because when complexes and the Rosarium Philosophorum are explained ontologically they unconceal new possibilities that were not available in (Gildersleeve, 2015a).  By retrieving the transcendent function in this way, this article will explain more detail of the phenomenological and ontological meaning of the transcendent function which will include complexes and the Rosarium Philosophorum

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