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Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal of natural and social philosophy. It serves those who see philosophy's vocation in questioning and challenging prevailing assumptions about ourselves and our place in the world, developing new ways of thinking about physical existence, life, humanity and society, so helping to create the future insofar as thought affects the issue. Philosophy so conceived is not exclusively identified with the work of professional philosophers, and the journal welcomes contributions from philosophically oriented thinkers from all disciplines.

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Foundations of Mind: Cognition and Consciousness

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The Future of Philosophy
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Overcoming Nihilism
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Real Objects or Material Subjects
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The Poetics of Resistance
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Transcending the Disciplinary Boundaries
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The Italian Difference: Between Nihilism and Biopolitics
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What is Life?
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Vol 10, No 2 (2014): Naturalism

Table of Contents


Hans Jonas’s Noble ‘Heuristics of Fear’: Neither the Good Lie Nor the Terrible Truth Abstract PDF
Nathan Dinneen 1-21
Modernity, Post-Modernity and Proto-Historicism: Reorienting Humanity Through a New Sense of Narrative Emplotment Abstract PDF
Andrew Kirkpatrick 22-77
Between 'Biosphere' and 'Gaia'. Earth as a Living Organism in Soviet Geo-Ecology Abstract PDF
Giulia Rispoli 78-91
How Right Was Samuel Butler About Evolution? Part II: Why Evolution is Really a Problem for the Humanities Abstract PDF
Murray Code 92-120
Affirmative Naturalism: Deleuze and Epicurianism Abstract PDF
Keith Ansell-Pearson 121-137
The Relevance of an Existential Conception of Nature Abstract PDF
Todd Mei 138-157
Naturalizing Dasein. Aporias of the Neo-Heideggerian Approach in Cognitive Science Abstract PDF
Jethro Masís 158-181
Animality and Rationality in Human Beings: Towards Enriching Contemporary Educational Studies Abstract PDF
Koichiro Misawa 182-196
Popper’s View of Modern Science: In the Footsteps of Schelling Abstract PDF
Alexander John Naraniecki 197-215
Nietzsche as a Formative Thinker Abstract PDF
John Mandalios 216-228
Sartre and Hegel on Thymos, History and Freedom Abstract PDF
Jennifer Ang 229-249
How Can We Signify Being? Semiotics and Topological Self-Signification Abstract PDF
Steven M. Rosen 250-277
Making Public Policy Matter: The Hermeneutic Dimension Abstract PDF
Paul Healy 278-299
Speculative Naturalism: A Manifesto Abstract PDF
Arran Gare 300-323

Book Reviews

'One Magisterium: How Nature Knows Through Us' by Seán Ó Nualláin – A Review Abstract PDF
Stuart Kauffman 324-328
Review of Guy R. McPherson, 'Walking Away from Empire: A Personal Journey' Abstract PDF
Michel Weber 329-336
Review of Peter Sloterdijk, 'The Art of Philosophy. Wisdom as Practice' Abstract PDF
Michel Weber 337-343