Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, Vol 3, No 2-3 (2007)

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The Ego as World: Speculative Justification and the Role of the Thinker in Hegel’s Philosophy

Toula Nicolacopoulos, George Vassilacopoulos


Prior to engaging in the process of fully realizing the notion of speculative philosophy in Hegelrsquo;s system, the thinker must arrive at the appropriate reflective standpoint via two preliminary justificatory cycles. This paper examines the phenomenological and logical cycles of justification undertaken respectively in the emPhenomenology of Spirit/em and the Doctrines of Being and Essence of the emScience of Logic/em in order to offer an account of the meaning and demands of speculative justification. We argue that as enactments of the self-determination characterizing speculative thinking, these justificatory cycles must be understood in terms of the role and position that the thinker occupies in Science.

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