Vol 6, No 2 (2010)

The Poetics of Resistance

Table of Contents


Poetics of Resistance: Introduction Abstract HTML PDF
Cornelia Gräbner, David M.J. Wood 1-19

Conceptualizing Resistance

Resistance Abstract HTML PDF
Roberto Echavarren 20-26
TINA Go Home! ALBA and Re-theorizing Resistance to Global Capitalism Abstract HTML PDF
Thomas Muhr 27-54
Movement and the Paradox of Resistance Abstract HTML PDF
Paulina Aroch Fugellie 55-70
Antagonism and Subjectification in the Poem of Resistance Abstract HTML PDF
Arturo Casas 71-81

Writing as Resistance

The Concept of Resistance in Contemporary Galician Culture: Towards a Poetic Ecology Abstract HTML PDF
Maria do Cebreiro Rabade Villar 82-92
‘Four Paths Five Destinations’: Constructing Imaginaries of Alter-globalization Through Literary Texts Abstract HTML PDF
Cornelia Gräbner 93-112
Translation as Aesthetic Resistance: Paratranslating Walter Benjamin Abstract HTML PDF
Burghard Baltrusch 113-129

Resistance in Cultural Praxis

Aesthetic Communities, Peripheral Identities and Social Movements Abstract HTML PDF
Marcos Giadas 130-147
Education as Resistance in Literary Criticism and Journalism: Between Professionalization and Democratization of Literature Abstract HTML PDF
Nathalia Jabur 148-161
Film and the Archive: Nation, Heritage, Resistance Abstract HTML PDF
David M.J. Wood 162-174