Vol 12, No 2 (2016)

Foundations of Mind III: Homage to Walter Freeman III

Table of Contents


Introduction: Homage to Walter Freeman III Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 1-12
Philosophy of Computational Social Science Abstract PDF
Sebastian Benthall 13-30
Can Long-Term Training in Highly Focused Forms of Observation Potientially Influence Performace in Terms of the Observer Model In Physics? Consideration of Adepts of Observational Meditation Practice Abstract PDF
William C. Bushell 31-43
Factors for Identifying Non-Anthropic Conscious Systems Abstract PDF
Ryan Castle 44-57
Consciousness: The Damnedest Thing: A Young Person's Guide To The Roots of Experience Abstract PDF
Allan Combs 58-66
Parsing the Source: From Form to Light, From Known to Knowing, From Substance to Void Abstract PDF
Jack Engstrom 67-82
Consciousness Without Constraint: Open String Theory - One Loose End Abstract PDF
Judy B. Gardiner 83-98
Fundamental Pattern and Consciousness Abstract PDF
Jerry Gin 99-113
The Pribram-Bohm Hypothesis: A Topology of Consciousness Abstract PDF
Shelli R Joye 114-136
On Wholeness and Implicate Order in Crystals and its Implications for Consciousness Studies Abstract PDF
Shirin Kaboli 137-149
Mathematical Frameworks for Consciousness Abstract PDF
Menas Kafatos, Ashok Narasimhan 150-159
Evidence of Shared Aspects of Complexity Science and Quantum Phenomena Abstract PDF
Cynthia Larson 160-171
Notes from the Existential Underground: The Universe as a Complex Emergent System Abstract PDF
Michelle Kathryn McGee 172-183
Exploring Consciousness Through the Qualitative Content of Equations Abstract PDF
Ashok Narasimhan, Menas Kafatos 184-191
Consciousness and Brain Science: Mechanisms by Which Nature Knows Itself Through Us Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 192-225
Ecopsychology: Remembering the True Source of our Consciousness Abstract PDF
Glenn Aparacio Parry 226-236
Transcultual Perspective on Consciousness: Traditional Use of Ayahuasca in Psychiatry in the 21st Century in the Western World Abstract PDF
Tania Re, J. Palma, J. E. Martins, M. Simões 237-249
A Quantum Chemical Approach to Consciousness Based on Phase Conjugation Abstract PDF
Glen Rein 250-258
Interactions of Pyramidal Structures with Energy and Consciousness Abstract PDF
Beverly Rubik 259-275
Is the Mind/Soul a Platonic Akashic Tachyonic Holographic Quantum Field? Abstract PDF
Fred Alan Wolf 276-300
Bionoetics: Life and Mind; Religion/Spirituality and Science Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 301-329
A Challenge to Quantum Entanglement by Experiment and Theory Abstract PDF
Eric Stanley Reiter 330-346