Vol 13, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


The Side View: Hadot and Sloterdijk on the Practice of Philosophy Abstract PDF
Adam Robbert 1-14
Language, the Parent of Thought: Speculating with Hegel Abstract PDF
Samantha Park Alibrando, J. M. Fritzman, Sarah Marchand Lomas, McKenzie Judith Southworth 15-46
The Relation Between Transcendental Philosophy and Empirical Science in Heidegger’s Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics Abstract PDF
Michael Lewis 47-72
The Way Of Nature: History & Truth In Heidegger’s Late Thought Abstract PDF
Clay Lewis 73-93
The Implicit Presence of the Problem of Nothingness in Twentieth Century French Philosophy Abstract PDF
Héctor Sevilla Godínez 94-113
The Nature of Marriage in the Ethical Standpoint of Kierkegaard’s Either/Or and Connections to Fichte Abstract PDF
Prabhu Venkataraman 114-145
Marx: The Historical Necessity of Slavery & Agriculture Abstract PDF
Dana Francisco Miranda 146-155
Atmoterrorism and Atmodesign in the 21st Century: Mediating Flint's Water Crisis Abstract PDF
Dean Dettloff, Matt Bernico 156-189
Play, Community and Democracy: Understanding How Pay can Stimulate Democracy Abstract PDF
Samuel Keith Duncan 190-221
Can the Relationship Between Narrative and History be Utilised to Better Understand the Problems within Social Science? Abstract PDF
Aaron Grinter 222-239
First Person Accounts of Yoga Meditation Yield Clues to the Nature of Information in Experience Abstract PDF
Alex Hankey, Reshma M. Shetkar 240-252
Past and Future Presents: Existential Time and Futural Materialism Abstract PDF
William S Jaques 253-266
Purposeless Technology and Chrematistic Pursuits: The Implicit Subordination of Homo Economicus Abstract PDF
Andrew Trevor Kirkpatrick 267-293
Agamben’s Curio Cabinet, Animality, and the Zone of Indeterminacy Abstract PDF
Wendell Kisner 294-314
An Emergent Language of Paradox: Riffs on Steven M. Rosen’s Kleinian Signification of Being Abstract PDF
Lisa Maroski 315-342
Nonidentity, Materialism and Truth in Adorno's Negative Dialectics Abstract PDF
Terrence Thomson 343-360
Paper 1: Taking a Pragmatic Position for Describing Objects, Time, Space, and Making an Extra-Model of Them Abstract PDF
Luigi Gian Luca Nicolini 361-420
Paper 2: Practical Application of the Composite Modeling Units, and an Exercise on Emulating the Mathematics of Time Dilation in a Relative Velocity or Gravity Situation Abstract PDF
Luigi Gian Luca Nicolini 421-521

Review Articles

From Scripture to Fantasy: Adrian Johnston and the Problem of Continental Fundamentalism Abstract PDF
Richard Scott Bakker 522-551

Book Reviews

Proposing Life: Review of "The Lure of Whitehead" Abstract PDF
Alan Van Wyk 552-560