Vol 14, No 3 (2018)

Creating the Future

Table of Contents


Editorial: Creating the Future Abstract PDF
Arran Gare 1-9


Reparsing Nature: The Bionoetics Framework and the Age of Magic and Wonder Abstract PDF
Seán O Nualláin 10-23
Stephen Hawking and Autonomous Intelligence: A Preliminary Note Abstract PDF
Enrico Beltramini 24-30
The Decline of Politics in the Name of Science? Constellations and Collisions Between Nick Land and Ray Brassier Abstract PDF
Vincent Le 31-50
Degrowth: Technoscience and the Existential Stakes of a Political Heresy Abstract PDF
Michel Weber 51-71
Logic(s) of the Value Form - Marx with Badiou Abstract PDF
Uros Kranjc 72-102
The Political Thought of Alain Badiou Abstract PDF
Matthew McManus 103-124
Auto-Poiesis: The Self and the Principle of Creativity in the Philosophical Anthropology and Psychoanalysis of Cornelius Castoriadis Abstract PDF
Maria Kli 125-146
Information Ethics in the Information Age Abstract PDF
Jaime F. Cárdenas-García 147-166
Poetics in Public Space: Towards a Hermeneutic Framing of Ephemeral Poetic Expressions Abstract PDF
Burghard Baltrusch 168-195
In the Muddy Center: A Physics of Nonpropositional Thinking Abstract PDF
Berkay Ustun 196-218
Ethics, Philosophy and the Environment Abstract PDF
Arran Gare 219-240
Grand Narratives, Metamodernism, and Global Ethics Abstract PDF
Andrew J. Corsa 241-272
The Grand Titration: Revisiting the Work of Joseph Needham to Address Ethnocentrism in Contemporary Philosophy and Society Abstract PDF
Aaron Grinter 273-296
Reconstruction of the Sociopolitical Hierarchy in Farabi’s Virtuous City based on Type of Knowledge and Function Abstract PDF
Mohammad Ali Tavana, Hamid Nassaj, Morteza Bahrani, 297-320
The Arrow of Time Abstract PDF
Ted Dace 321-333
The Evolution Concept: The Concept Evolution Abstract PDF
Agustin Ostachuk 334-358
Liking What's Good for You: Evolution, Subjectivity and Purpose Abstract PDF
Justin Dominic Gaudry 359-375
Downward Causation: Control Theory, Symmetry Breaking, Quantum Field Theory, and Neurodynamics Abstract PDF
David Bernal-Casas, Seán Ó Nualláin 376-395
The Mathematizable Properties of Human Bodies in Relation to Meillassoux’s Discussion of Primary Qualities Abstract PDF
Martin Orensanz 396-408
Hedonistic Utilitarianism and Feminist Politics Abstract PDF
J. Mikael Olsson 409-425

Review Articles

Metaphilosophy and the Promises of Pluralism Abstract PDF
Ralph Shain 426-465