Vol 15, No 1 (2019)

Regaining Sanity

Table of Contents


Editorial: Regaining Sanity Abstract PDF
Arran Gare 1-9


Before Hegel: Schiller, Novalis, and the Concept of Aufhebung Abstract PDF
Hammam Aldouri 10-30
Biosemiosis and Causation: Defending Biosemiotics Through Rosen’s Theoretical Biology; or, Integrating Biosemiotics and Anticipatory Systems Theory Abstract PDF
Arran Gare 31-90
Schelling's Dark Nature and the Prospects for 'Ecological Civilisation' Abstract PDF
Gord Barentsen 91-116
On the Two Metamorphoses of Human Activity in Marx Abstract PDF
Lachlan Ross 117-141
The Marxian Tonality of Organopolitics Abstract PDF
Michel Weber 142-154
Ernst Bloch and the Philosophy of Immanence Abstract PDF
Wayne Hudson 155-164
Aldous Huxley and George Orwell: On the Political Use of Technoscience Abstract PDF
Michel Weber 165-181
The Ideological Matrix of Science: Natural Selection and Immunity as Case Studies Abstract PDF
Agustin Ostachuk 182-213
Psychopower and Ordinary Madness: Reticulated Dividuals in Cognitive Capitalism Abstract PDF
Ekin Erkan 214-241
... And Which Other Is Left Us? Psychoanalysis and the Reauthorization of Political Bodies - A Thought Experiment Abstract PDF
Mitch Simon Thiessen 242-274
Technological Enhancement and Happiness: A Review of Morphological Freedom Abstract PDF
Jonathan Piedra 275-291
Post-Historical Factor in the Contemporary Political Process: a Philosophical Analysis Abstract PDF
Robert Kochesokov, Larisa Ashnokova, Nadezhda Kilberg-Shahzadova, Laura Kagermazova, Timur Pashtov 292-306
Hegel's Logic and Frege's Star Paradox Abstract PDF
Pauli Pylkkö 307-323
Discontinuity in Poststructuralist Epistemology: Foucault contra Deleuze and Derrida Abstract PDF
Mark G. E. Kelly 324-349
The Illusions of Consciousness and the Prospect of Human Extinction Abstract PDF
Kirk Turner 350-365
Emanuele Severino on the Meaning of Scientific Specialization: An Introduction Abstract PDF
Paolo Pitari 366-386
"We Become Death": An Essay on Distraction Abstract PDF
Adam Lovasz 387-401
Shapeability. Revisiting Heidegger’s Concept of Being in the Anthropocene Abstract PDF
Magdalena Hoły-Łuczaj 402-426
Health in an Ecological Civilization: Towards a Process Understanding of the Dialectics of Health Abstract PDF
Glenn McLaren 427-484

Review Articles

Heidegger’s Ontological Logic Abstract PDF
James Batcho 485-492
The Child is the Parent of the Geist: Artificial General Intelligence Between Tenacity and Tenebrosity Abstract PDF
Thomas Moynihan 493-534
Spirit in the Crypt: Negarestani vs Land Abstract PDF
Vincent Le 535-563

Book Reviews

Unveiling Thomas Moynihan's Spinal Catastrophism: The Spine Considered as Chronogenetic Media Artifact Abstract PDF
Ekin Erkan 564-571