Vol 16, No 1 (2020)

Evolutionary Cosmology and Values

Table of Contents


Freedom Giving Birth to Order: Philosophical Reflections on Peirce's Evolutionary Cosmology and its Contemporary Resurrections Abstract PDF
Zeyad Sameh El Nabolsy 1-23
The Radical Freedom of the Imaginary in Castoriadis Abstract PDF
Vangelis Papadimitropoulos 24-46
Owen Barfield & the Evolution of Consciousness Abstract PDF
Max Leyf Treinen 47-70
Can Intelligence Escape its Terrestrial Past?: Anticipations of Existential Catastrophe & Existential Hope from Haldane to Ćirković Abstract PDF
Thomas Moynihan 71-101
On Plasticity’s Own Conceptual Epigenesis: Malabou on the Origin and History of Plasticity Abstract PDF
Thomas Wormald 102-124
Apperceptive Patterning: Artefaction, Extensional Beliefs and Cognitive Scaffolding Abstract PDF
Ekin Erkan 125-176
The Origin of Europe and the Esprit de Géométrie (Europe: Origin, Philosophy, Geometry and Proclus) Abstract PDF
Francesco Tampoia 177-190
On Being, Nothingness and Ontological Homelessness: An Heideggerian Inquiry into Authenticity Abstract PDF
Prashan Ranasinghe 191-217
Why the World is One Abstract PDF
Andrew Haas 218-247
From Being to Maybeing: On Meillassoux's Interpretation of Mallarmé Abstract PDF
Martin Orensanz 248-270
Strange Forms of Argumentation: On Meillassoux's Definition of Philosophy Abstract PDF
Martin Orensanz 271-297
Challenging Sustainability. From Deconstruction to Reconstruction Abstract PDF
Luca Valera, Gonzalo Salazar Preece 298-315
The Anthropogenic Takeover of Dual External World Abstract PDF
Virgilio Aquino Rivas 316-348
The Indigenization of Academia and Ontological Respect Abstract PDF
Wendell Kisner 349-391
Being and Evil: Revisiting 'Privatio Boni' Abstract PDF
Glauco Frizzera 292-307
The Shadow of God in Jean-Paul Sartre’s Metaphysics Abstract PDF
Tatyana Lifintseva 308-324
God Comes to Her: St. Teresa of Ávila, Simone Weil, and the Kantian Conception of Modern Religious Experience Abstract PDF
Elvira Basevich 325-346
A Theory of Evolution as a Process of Unfolding Abstract PDF
Agustin Ostachuk 347-379
On the Ontological Status of Observations Abstract PDF
Alexander Lunkov 380-390
Synchrony, Science and the ‘Relativity of Facts’ Abstract PDF
Gareth Ernest Boardman 391-405
Introduction to the Neoclassical Interpretation: Quantum Steampunk Abstract PDF
Shiva Meucci 406-451
Physics has Evolved Beyond the Physical Abstract PDF
Shiva Meucci 452-465
The Reality Self-Simulation Principle: Reality is a Self-Simulation Abstract PDF
Christopher Langan 466-486

Review Articles

Correcting the Record: Priority and the Einstein Papers on 'Brownian Motion' Abstract PDF
Gareth Ernest Boardman 487-491
Against the Virtual: Kleinherenbrink’s Externality Thesis and Deleuze’s Machine Ontology Abstract PDF
Ekin Erkan 492-559
Physics Avoidance & Cooperative Semantics: Inferentialism and Mark Wilson’s Engagement with Naturalism Qua Applied Mathematics Abstract PDF
Ekin Erkan 560-644