Vol 3, No 1 (2007)

Table of Contents


Editorial Introduction Abstract PDF HTML
Arran Gare 1-3


A Meaningful Life in a Meaningless Cosmos? Two Rival Approaches Abstract PDF HTML
Sami Pihlström 4-17
Human Nature, Cosmic Evolution and Modernity in Hölderlin Abstract PDF HTML
Neil Paul Cummins 18-32
History, Narrative, and Meaning Abstract PDF HTML
Roberto Artigiani 33-58
Evolution to Autonomy Abstract PDF HTML
Horace Lockwood Fairlamb 59-92
The Primordial Role of Stories in Human Self-Creation Abstract PDF HTML
Arran Gare 93-114
The Rhetorical Turn to Otherness: Otherwise than Humanism Abstract PDF HTML
Ronald C Arnett, Janie Harden Fritz, Annette M Holba 115-133
Rationality, Dialogue, and Critical Inquiry: Toward a Viable Postfoundationalist Stance Abstract PDF HTML
Paul Healy 134-158
Levinas separates the (hu)man from the non(hu)man, using hunger, enjoyment and anxiety to illuminate their relationship Abstract PDF HTML
Angela Hirst 159-190
Conceptual Nonlocality Abstract PDF HTML
David A. Grandy 191-197
On Letting the Dialectic Go Abstract PDF HTML
Murray Code 198-214

Review Articles

Preserving the Possibility of the Impossible Abstract PDF HTML
Liam A O'Donnell 215-225

Book Reviews

Qualities Without the Man (Book Review) Abstract PDF HTML
Darshana Jayemanne 226-229
The Great Adventure: Toward a Fully Human Theory of Evolution (Book Review) Abstract PDF HTML
Arran Gare 230-235