Vol 4, No 1-2 (2008)

What is Life?

Table of Contents

No. 1

Life Questioning Itself: By Way of an Introduction Abstract PDF HTML
Arran Gare 1-14
Subjectivity and Objectivity: A Matter of Life and Death? Abstract PDF HTML
Gertrudis Van de Vijver, Joris Van Poucke 15-28
Life Is Semiosis Abstract PDF HTML
Marcello Barbieri 29-52
Approaches to the Question, ‘What is Life?’: Reconciling Theoretical Biology with Philosophical Biology Abstract PDF HTML
Arran Gare 53-77
Towards a Science of Life as Creative Organisms Abstract PDF HTML
Norman Fred Hirst 78-98
Life Before Matter, Possible Signification Before Tangible Signs: Towards a Mediating View Abstract PDF HTML
Floyd Merrell 99-112
The Category of Life, Mechanistic Reduction, and the Uniqueness of Biology Abstract PDF HTML
Wendell Kisner 113-153
Unbounded Naturalism Abstract PDF HTML
Andrew Taggart 154-177
The Possibility of Love Explored Through the Poetry of William Wordsworth Abstract PDF HTML
Kathleen O'Dwyer 178-201
Quantum Uncertainty, Quantum Play, Quantum Sorrow Abstract PDF HTML
David A. Grandy 202-210
Remarks on the Foundations of Biology Abstract PDF HTML
Seán Ó Nualláin 211-232

No. 2

What is Life? Among Other Things, It's a Synergistic Effect! Abstract PDF HTML
Peter Corning 233-243
The Riddle of a Human Being: A Human Singularity of Co-evolutionary Processes Abstract PDF HTML
Helena N. Knyazeva 244-259
Life and the Homeostatic Organization View of Biological Phenomena Abstract PDF HTML
Robert Arp 260-285
Of Mice Moths and Men Machines Abstract PDF HTML
Susan Schuppli 286-306
Why Even Mind? -- On The A Priori Value Of “Life” Abstract PDF HTML
Amien Kacou 307-327
How Lacan's Ethics Might Improve Our Understanding of Nietzsche's Critique of Platonism: The Neurosis and Nihilism of a ‘Life’ Against Life Abstract PDF HTML
Tim Themi 328-346
The Singularity: A Crucial Phase in Divine Self-Actualization? Abstract PDF HTML
Michael Zimmerman 347-370
Life’s Hidden Resources for Learning: Conversations with a Radical Idea Abstract PDF HTML
Phil Henshaw 371-386
Towards a Post-Phenomenology of Life: Castoriadis' Naturphilosophie Abstract PDF HTML
Suzi Adams 387-400
Life, Thought, and Morality: Or, Does Matter Really Matter? Abstract PDF HTML
Murray Code 401-425